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Pygmy Bamboo
Pleioblastus pygmaeus

Plant Type:  bamboo
Height:  24 inches
Spread:  4 feet
Sunlight:  partial shade to full sun

A short bamboo ideal for the garden or in containers; though evergreen by nature it may go deciduous in colder climates; can...

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Veitch's Bamboo
Sasa veitchii

Plant Type:  bamboo
Height:  4 feet
Spread:  8 feet
Sunlight:  shade to partial shade

A short bamboo ideal as a groundcover in large growing areas; unique foliage is green in summer, developing white edges only in...

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Albostriata Variegated Bamboo
Sasaella masamuneana 'Albostriata'

Plant Type:  bamboo
Height:  5 feet
Spread:  5 feet
Sunlight:  full sun

A striking groundcover bamboo with foliage that is variegated with sea green and butter-cream striping; perfectly suited for...

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Ruscus Bamboo
Shibataea kumasaca

Plant Type:  bamboo
Height:  7 feet
Spread:  7 feet
Sunlight:  shade to full sun

A striking bamboo with ruscus-like leaves on slender canes, making it perfectly suited for privacy screens; a great choice for...

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